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tgb6yhn4rfv O-besity is+ fast becoming .the developed -wor'lds bigges-t health p_roblem. Protec.t yourself+ from it! ,Proper use of* antibi'otics can _stop in-fection and ,save liv+es, but you shou*ld be -very care*ful! Be sure 'to .read about ,medicines that. can ca*use symptoms o_f depression.. You n.ever know…- Your chi,ld's bo_dy needs vitami'ns to work +proper-ly, so *he grows and de.velops jus-t like _he should._ Vegetable oils h.igh in sa,turated -fats, whic+h are a big no-no, for 'people with c'holesterol. issues. C_hecking polle,n fo,recast during sp,ring alle.rgy sea.son, you know' when it+'s bett'er to stay* indoors. Phanto*m limb pain- can not ,be stopped 'w,ith pin ki_lling medicat,ions. It is. your b,rain that needs _help! .With the _progress* in pharma-cy managin.g a bronchial ast,hma isn't _a di'fficult task. B*ut ke'ep an eye! Ge'nerally, +painkillers ar+e catego'rized into tw*o group's: no'n-narcotic and n.arcoti-c. Be caref,ul! Your as-thma manageme-nt plan -is suppo'sed to include -the me-dication+s used for_ quick rel*ief! Vitamin -A als_o plays a maj'or role ,in both th+e reproduct+ion process a*nd embryoni_c de-velopment. ,My doctor al+ways objects any+ a-ntibiotics, mo'dern or t,raditional!_ Generally he'-s a weird +person! .People -all ove+r the United* States are _overw'eight or obese, and+ at+ least 1 i.n 5 of them a+re chil,dren. The most -common aller_gies are. to poll-en, t+obacco smoke, aer+osols, pai-nt, p,erfumes an'd fumes. Few ye,ars in a n-ew locatio_n, make peo+ple sen-sitized to 'new 'environment and, asthma re.turns. A'sk your* doctor to fin.d out what anti_bio.tics are sup_posed *to be the mo+st powerful and e,ffe,ctive! It's tim.e to ra-ise you*r head and sa+y no to depress,ion! F'orget about de'str_uctive mood '& ideas. High *cholest_erol .level in early 'age can cau-se serious h*ealth' problems w'hen ch'ildren get old,er. Some .patients t,aking painki,llers often, deve'lop problems urina'tin,g or defecating-. I_t's difficult. In'credible+ sale of, the en_ding summer-! Hurry to b_uy most _powerful ,men's health med_ication ch'eap! Y_our penis deserv+es a ,better *life! Make a g_reat gift 'for it _– buy our prem'ium medi*cine! The hi,gher th'e cholesterol l,evel, the -higher th'e risk of co'ronary he,art_ disease. Think a*bout it agai+n! If you _di+scover yo*ur choleste'rol level is high +you shou-ld s*ee your doctor +within the ne-x_t 2 months. Ove*r time +arthritis can -hinder moveme'nt of th,e effect_ed joi*nt. It may be.come r_eally painf,ul, man! +Smoke is a power_ful trigger_ of a+sthma symptoms. T_ake care o,f, the air you brea'the in!- Claim*s for GH as an anti*-agin,g treatmen*t date back t-o study of- its effec't on body, publishe+d in 1990. Co*mmon trig'gers in-clude: al.lergens, inc'luding microsco,pic. dust mite+s present in hou_se dust. If y*ou are r.eady to +make certain _cha'nges in your' lifestyle to _los,e weight you are+ likel,y to succeed. .Having a pro_blem with 'yo,ur lungs? C+onsult your doct.or! May be ,you need ,an powerfu-l antibiot-ic! Fai'lure to achi-eve an er_ection less th'an 2-0% of the ti,me is no*t unusua-l for men afte-r 40 years. *Pai'nkillers block pain- receptors* in the' brain an,d allev.iate the sensati*on of p,ain in the* body_. My endless* torture .started when I- had a car ac+cident'. It was _about ten years -ago, my li*fe pau.sed. Here's so,me good n.ews. To low-er the c,hole*sterol, you_ can actually ea't mor'e of ce'rtain foods. I kn_ow every-thing ab'out world_ most pop*ular medications* for im*potence treatme.nt'! Vitamins assis+t in _the forma+tion of hormones, *nervous-+system+ chemicals, an,d ge_netic mat'erial. How much+ weight .would you like t,o loo_se as a resul.t o+f obesity tre-atment? It's al*l poss'ible, man. W*hy are- the mos-t tasty thi*ngs like hamburge*rs, ice_-cream+ and candies so d*angerous fo-r healt-h? How l*ong it tak,es to get asth-ma under co-nt+rol depends on a .child's _age +and the severity* of symp_toms. So,metimes ast,hma symp,toms are mild and *go _away on thei*r own or* after treatment._ Nearl'y 6 milli_on of people, that suffer. from chr,onic a-sthma in the Uni*ted- States ar'e children. .Learn about thyr.oid-,related dep.ression and* about other h_ormone.-related c+onditions *Do you cough or wh+eez,e after e,xercising? If so, *yo*u may hav-e exercise*-induced asthma. It*'s time- to buy +the it-ems from your wi*sh list – .discount- season ar_rived a,t your door*way! The- use of alc.ohol prior to ,or during s+ex is, not recommend*ed. It nay' result in ere+cti,le dysfunc.tion. Life in bi*g cit.ies often cause.s severe de-p'ressive cond*itions in+ people! Be att*entive to yo,ur frien+ds. Ha've you heard ab'out sens'ational i*mpotence tr'eatment-? It takes a w,eek to res+tore you,r potency! H'ow much fast *food does' y*our kid consume +daily? I.s it within h+ealthy li-mits? Tim+e to take ca+re! Ai.rways are -the tube.s that carry *air in and out 'of your+ lungs, the,y get sque+ezed i'f you have asthm.a-. Preferably- eat fru_it & vegetab,les raw. It's ge'neral_ly best to co'ok them in as+ l,ittle water as .possible. If_ y.ou take medic.ine late .you may be in- pain wh'ile the pain'killer is a-bsorbed and s*tarts_ to work. Ant+ibiotics c*an n'ot only sa*ve lives but_ also take t,hem away. Be s.ure to- consult -with profes+sionals. The*re is n*othing shocki'ng that i*mpotence foun'd 'you! How +are you going _to deal wit'h it? Y,our depression -worri+es me just as muc*h as it w.or'ries you! I wa.nt to gi*ve you so'me valuable' hints! Seve,re unknown inf'ec-tions often can be _treate'd only with a, comb-ination of power.ful a_ntibiotics! Fo'r suffering f_rom, hay fever, +a stroll in _the park caus+es much m+ore s-uffering th-an joy.' 80% of the peop,le with clin-ical de.pression im'proved t_heir lives -grea,tly after medica,l treatment. -Have 'your father -had with+ potency? _If yes, ,you are in dan-ger! Hurry up ,to b-uy… Suicide is t.he leadi'ng caus+e of death fo'r adults 'between 18- and 65 years i-n the U.S.*A. Chole_sterol is ab*so*rbed from ,the food and stor_ed in your l-iver. How -much, can be stored t,here? I s+tarted *noticing c_ertain pro.blems w+ith potency since_ I_ was 26. I managed. to resto-re it! Wh,en my. husband first 'faced prob*lems wi-th having' erection, he .was _absolutel.y desperate & -sad. Disc.over the c.auses of c.hildhood asthm*a and you can _do to preve-nt ast*hma attack+s. Not on*ly adult*s're affec,ted by choleste.rol. Childre'n may- also have high' cholesterol' l_evels. Most .asthmatics _who suffer a* near ,fatal attack *delaye.d seeking +treatment or abus+ed ,rescue inha+ler. Don't let .your hunger' overco+me your desire* .to look good! Think_ about .obese 'people and kids., I know .nothing abo*ut the ing+redie+nts that ,are included in_to this 'antibi,otic, but it r'eally ,works! Obesity can- strike- not on_ly adults b*ut alsp child-ren and a.dolesc-ents too. 'Take care of your- family! Mo+re than* 20 million_ Amer+icans have asth_ma._ This year, abou-t 4,000 'will die f-rom ast-hma. It's not cl.ear i-f overusing Albu'terol i.ncrea,ses the risk' of a fatal a+ttack, +but you'd bette.r not abu'se it. Inst,ead of v.isiting your +local drugs.tore-, buy all the ,medicat,ions y-ou need sitting in- your arm,chair! Ab.out 3 +% of Amer-icans, or '6.8 million, w*ere morb-idly obese in -2005, accor'din.g to statis_tics. Al_l types of alcoho.l increase -cholesterol-. S_o if you have* problems *with wei'ght drink less +alcohol! N_ot all of- the antib,iotic's that are 'produce*d in our country ar'e, equally effectiv+e! You _should it Th,e indicati+ons of this im_potence treatm*ent are ve-ry versat,ile and different ,requirements! Ther,e a+re two of narcoti-c analgesic+s: t*he opiates & th,e opi,oids. Learn more a+bout the- drugs! ,Stomach up.set, na'usea, and dia-rrhea are t+he most commo-n side e*ffects o,f antibio*tic treatment. -Choleste_rol is ab'sorbed from th*e food* and s.tored in your liv'er. How_ much can be- store.d there? No +one knows ,how and why- such ho*rrible .diseases like as.thm'a choose their p'oor victims. -I've 'been i+n pain everyd*ay for alm.ost 2 years+. But good* news at l*ast! I f,ound this br-illiant- medicatio-n! Understandin+g an*d managing asthma -can be _a diff*icult task to co'pe with b,ut you shoul.d be stro*ng. -Since the time whe_n men face.d ere'ctile dy_sfunction they. have be.en tryin.g to find the* treatm,ent! A high cho,lesterol l,evel is mo+st commonly* due .to a co*mbination of ea-ting fat and n+o,t exercising'. Early fo,lk medicine i-ncluded_ the use of mo.uldy foods -or soil for .infect+ions. .It was a tou*gh time! No, matte*r how hard- you try, impotenc_e don't' leave you a c*hance. But, there* is o'nly 1 trusted way_! M'ore and more bac,teria get ,resi.stant to innovative a-ntib.iotic. Will pharm-acist,s find a solu*tion? If a+ man ex.periences f+ear, he may get 'an erect_ion, which i.s not due 'to sexu_al arousal o-r pleas,ure. Don't b.e t_hat stupid to- make more .and more s,teps to erectil'e dysf,unction*! Start livi-ng healthy li,fe! How* to live with* asthma sa+fely a*nd effect*ively? I .cannot re'veal my sec-ret, but I'l-l give you a .hint! S+creening i_s advised for ,kids 'with a family, history of h,igh cholest_erol level_ or b.lood f_ats. I believe w.ith all my -heart th,at your str,uggle with se+ason_al depression +will b_e successful'! Come'n! If* a pe'rson is allergic *to 'flower poll_en he obviously* should tr'y ou-r brand new' allergy- medicine. Inflamm'ation,, or sw,elling, of* the linin-g of the a_irwaysis observed* in people 'who ha,ve ast_hma. Depre-ssion is a*n overwhe-lming feeling!- It wraps you i.n 'deep sorrow +and freezes yo'u with an+gst! Do you' have .any probl-ems with sex?* They a'll can be _solved forev'er with one _single* pill of… Lookin.g for s+ome asthma hel.p? Y_ou'll find plen'ty of pr*iceless i_nformation her'e! Control' asthma, now'! You may be +given othe_r medicines|- such as anti.-epil_eptic dr,ugs to take w'ith your pa_inkillers. Ri'sk_ factors for depre-ssio+n in elderly p*eople inc,lude *those liste*d for adults.- Very impor'tant *are: Obesity_ causes sig.nifican_t health pr*oblems. Bu_t you aren*'t in dange_r if you,r eating mode i.s heal*thy! Make su're you kn+ow enough no_t to pa,nic if you' suddenly face- problems with+ potency.- Get *ready! Many o_f us- know what erectile, dysfunc_tion means! ,Some of us, ,have even exper.ienced it in r_eality. ,If your f-amily i's full of ove*rweight, people, 'try out our -new medica+tion t,hat helped hundred-s. Stud_ies sho'w that pe-rsistent p.ain causes *changes *in the brai-n and spinal cor_d causing m*ore pain*. Even if. you hav+e severe ast*hma you nee'd to exerc,ise reg-ularly -in order to -stay in good sha_pe! A*nabolic steroids. th,at contain growt.h hormones* that help_s 'increase body .mass and* give extra _strength. Obes'ity is- a problem that, is ,not taken* seriously by people. you aware o'f the ,risk? If yo.u have severe pain, you may b'e given a. stron+g paink*iller, suc_h as morphine', straight away*. S'ex is something t-hat e+veryone need-s and! And i-f impotence dep+rives* you of it, act+ f,ast! Remember tha-t too much .of pain r*elief +medication ca'n lea_d to liver d*amage +and even death.- Obesit+y & overweight 'often' are tra,ced to genes, and. the _brain can in*duce appetite +ten*dencies. Between .as'thma diagnosis and* good co'ntrol, the,re's a l'ot to learn and- a lot to .do. -Better get *ready now! Ere.ctile dys.function is *a univer.sal_ problem that bothe'rs* men of all ages'! Are yo'u in? If yo*u don,'t want to go unde.r the +knife for a c-hance of re'stored po*tency,* try this drug'! Erecti'le dy'sfunction.. W*hen I fi,rst face.d it I was shocked+! & so. was my wife.- But we ,won the war_! Antib_iotic-resistant -b'acteria can caus,e inf'ections and be spre'ad to others +in your fami*ly.- Maples c+ause the worst* allergies .in ea-rly spring and ,are seen e_verywhere a'long stre,ams & woods. + Y,our cholesterol l_evels tend .to ris,e as you get. older,. So it's .vitally import'ant t.o keep checking i+t. Ch'olesterol trav*els blood i'n min*ute packages mix.ed- with molecules c*alle.d lipoproteins. .Com'mon asthma trig'gers inc+lude: mo+lds; foods; medica,tions; &+ cockroache-s hair spra+y,* and perfumes.* Misuse* of antibiotic's can lead 'to se-rious complicati+ons. Ma+ke sure your k-ids won't .find your ,pil'ls. Smoke- is a powe'rful trigger -of asth+ma symptoms. *Take care of t.he air 'you breat'he in! ,What is the best s_olut.ion for your+ early e'rectile d'ysfunction trea+tment?* It's a vi.sit to a pharma,cy'! After only a yea+r, the ,average pillo_w a 10% in+crease in wei+ght due- to dust mite -infestat'ion. Ev'ery other ni,ght you w'ake up for +2 to 3 times to+ take pai*nkille,rs. It's ex-hausting for_ you to li,ve? Er-ectile dys.function..* When I f-irst faced* it I was shocke'd! & so was, my wife. .But +we won the' war! Immunot'herap*y ultimately +works i.n up to 90% of- peopl,e with season'al allergi*c rhinitis._ More than 65,% of Amer+ican. people sufferi,ng from depre_s'sion do not_ seek necessary- treatmen+t. Statistics+ show _that men d,on't live as lo-ng- as women ,and are more at 'risk of acci.d,ents, injuries. S+inc+e, painkil-lers are used as- medici,ne they c-annot be banne_d like *the other letha_l dr*ugs. You* may not have all. of asthma s,y.mptoms, or +you may ha-ve symptoms at di*ffe_rent times. D_epression of.ten occ+urs in happy l*ooking famil+ies. I't choose*s people wit*hout any c_lear r-eason. During* high po_llen count seaso,n, limit *your _exposure -and keep sympto+ms to a mini*mum' level. Who else' if not you-r -family deserve' the best po,ssib'le medications?' Take care 'of people y.ou lo,ve! Pay atte-ntion to, the contents of _t,his wonderf.ul antibiotic! It',s all nat'ural and 'abs'olutely healthy.. Boost+ in human growth, hor'mone should be n+atural' agains't drug injections +accordin+g t.o nutritionists. C,an you' imagine life .witho.ut pai.n? If not, this m*edication* wil'l turn you*r world upside -down! *People nowad_ays have a tende-ncy to, get addi*cted to p_ainkillers ra,ther than' other de.adly drugs-. If your docto,r de+cides t-o use an antibiot_ic,. make sure+ he chooses .the best availab_le' drug for you! Your_ penis w'ill sh,ow you amazing -tri-cks if you treat i.t' with best medi+cine from A+sia! ? 'It's time! Th_is m-edication will pr*ovide, you with the_ sexual energ*y you+ need t'o live happily!' Little- kids with se_rious d+iseases - it 'is very, sad, but it o-ften happens+. Try+ new allergy rel-ief. Rea.d more abou*t _good hygie'ne and preventiv*e care to, reduc+e infections and +ast-hma chance. E-xtra weight i's not a pro_blem s_erious e+nough to wor,ry about it *that much. -Soluti_on's here! Diffe+rent k-inds of food p,oisoning also pr,ovoke, symptoms. that ar*e similar fo,od allergy. As,thm,a affects kids in* diffe,rent wa.ys. Read more about' the wa'ys of reduc-ing the sy-mpt-oms. If your doc.tor deci*des to u+se an antibiot.ic, 'make sure he choo*ses the best_ availa-ble drug fo-r you!* Best do_ctors al over 'the wo_rld use anti_biotics to tr+eat t.heir patients' ba*cterial inf_ections-. More a,nd more' bacteria g*et resist*ant to most .innovative+ antibiotic. 'Will ph+armacists fi+nd a solution?* A high _cholesterol ,l*evel also increase,s the ri'sk of having .a stroke_. Pay+ attention to_ what you 'eat! Althoug,h w-arm, moist ai-r from va.porizers can g.reatly ea_se and m,oderate asthm'a att,acks. Try it out! _Do yo*u know +how to cho.ose the most ap,propriate ant.ibiotic if' you hav_e fallen il-l *? I gonna tell ya! imiprex _Sy-nthroid — Hyp'othyroidism-, Thyroi.d, Goiter, En_larged Thyro-id Gland* licarbiu-m T Tagara We'llbutrin S'R (.Bupropion, Amf*, Wel_lbutrin, Zy,ban, Budepri_on, Buproban)_ Zofran [-zofran] (ond*ansetron*) vp-rx oil, chloroquine- Ov-ral G (Norge_strel, Eth.inyloestradi'ol) Gast,ric Ulc.ers sefot'ak Bactroban [bact.roban] (m'upirocin, +Turixin, +Centany_) timolol a,nxiron* Viagra Oral Je'lly [,viagraora'ljelly] (Silden_afil,+ viagra jell*y) Chant_ix [chantix] (Va-reni_cline, Champix,- chantex) Fu+sidi.c Acid [fus'idicacid] (Fuc-idin, Fuc.ithalmic) .Ventol_in — Bronch.ospasm, Asthm*a, Chronic O,bstructi,ve Pulmonary *Dis.ease, COPD N — Alc_ohol Dependence, Op.i.oid Dependence, Add.iction, D'rug Addicti*on, A-lcoholi-sm, Alcoho*l Addiction, Drin.king, A+bstin-ence melox Enha*nce9 —* Male Enhanc.ement, Penis .Enlargement *sleep Str-omectol — S.trongylo.idiasis, Th,rea-dworm,, Onchoc*ercia.sis, Anthel.mintic, River Bl*indne'ss, Worm Infestat_ions, St.rongyloidia*sis, Asc'ariasis, Tric,huriasis, +Filariasi*s, Enter'obiasi's, Pinworms ,River B-lindness Otiti,s Exte+rna In Dogs whi_teheads 'Chloroqu-ine [chlo'roquine] (aralen, -Avl+oclor, Cad+iquin, Delagil, L*agaquin, M*a_laquin, Malare_x, Malarivo.n, Maliaq_uine, .Maquine, Nivaquine,., Ch,lorquin) VP-R'X Oil *eryped 200 Infl*ammatory B-owel Di'sease amiod*arone herba'l lax+ative oflin I I*mitrex ,(Sumatriptan, I+migran, pai,n) 1.8 Zithrom-ax (Azith+romycin, APO-*Azithromyc,in, Zithro+mac, Vi_nzam, Zmax, Sum*amed, Zitro_cin, Azis,wift, z-pak+, Zitromax', AT.M, Aztrin, Zi,trocin, A'zibiot, A.zifine, AziCip+, Azi Sando+z, Azocam,- Bact-izith) 1.21_% Urinary Ou*tflow 'Obstruction rhin+olast l'epros-y doxepin cry+ptococco_sis otitis -media Arava _(Leflunomid+e, avara.) Ceftin .(Cefuroxime, _Zinacef-, Bacticef, +Cefasun, Cefudu-ra, Ce'fuhexal, -Cefurax+, Cefutil, Cetil-, Fr_oxime, Elobact, *Oraxim, Zi,nnat) Vastar.el .(preductal mr-, vastarel m+r, vast'arel lm, vastar'el lp,' preductal, fl*avedon, ,flavedo*n mr, cardapta'n, ida-ptan, c+arvidon, trized,on, trimetaz,idine) -danocrine V'PXL (penis g,ro*wth, penis e'nlarger) c+hemotherapy G Ga-lantamin,e (Niva,lin, Ra-zadyne, Razadyne,' Reminyl) s,olodyn com,bivent 14 *Amoxicilli-n (Amo,xycilli.n, Actimoxi, Alpha.mox, A'MK, Amoksibos_, Amox*iclav Sand+oz,, Amoxin, Am*oksikla.v, Amoxibiotic, ,Amox+icilina, Apo-Amo'xi, +Bactox, Be,talaktam, Cilamo'x,, Curam, De.doxil, Dispermox,+ Duo*mox, Enhancin, G-imalxina,, Geramox', Hiconc_il, Isimoxin,. Kla,vox, L) 1.43% _Aloe 'Vera Thick G'el [aloethickge'l] of*loxacin fl,udac Lipitor — Hi,g'h Cholesterol,, Hyperlipide.mia taveg,il Abilify -(Aripiprazo+le, Ar_izol, Arl*emide,, Ilimi_t, Irazem, R,eal ,One) metrogel Spas+tic Colon* aval_ide adap.alene 100% Pure Ok+inawan +Coral Calcium +In.testinal Paras-ites .eye pressure geni+n Stroke Ris-k ED chant'i'x Lumigan (Bim-atoprost) addi,ction Nephr'otic Syn-drome Alev,e (Na'proxen, X,enobid, Anaprox, _Mirana_x, Naprog-esic, Napro.syn, Naprela-n, Prox*en, Synflex-, pain) Gluc+osamine & C_hondroitin ,(Chon,droitin Sulfa+te, gluc'osamine su_lfate) Bur,sitis buspar -Human Growt.h Ho.rmone (hgh) Bel,ching utr*adol Vermox, (+Mebendazole, O.vex, Ant_iox, Pripsen', Anelmin, A'ntiox,- Bendrax, C*onquer, D-Worm, +Diacor_, Gama,x, Helmacon, L-O.mbrix, L*omper, Meb-edal,, Mebensole, Mebe,x, Mebezo,l, Ne+masole, Pantelmin*, P_arasitex, Penalco-l, Pharaxis+ M, Quemo*x, _Revapol, Rid,worm, Sqw,orm, Surfont, *) Niaspan (v,itamin B3,* nicotinic +acid, ni-acin) immun_e *booster D*iovan (Valsa_rtan, Valtan, *Valzaar,) Folic 'Acid (Vitami'n B9) Eat'ing Disorde_r myopathy Hor'mon*e Replaceme*nt Allopurinol [a+llopur.inol] (Zylopri'm, A.llohexal, All'osig, Prog'out, Zyl+oric, .Puricos) phenh_ydan ortho- tri-cyclen Sor.e Thr_oat Colchicine' [colchici,ne] (,Artrichine, C*ochi_c, Colchicin Ageph-a, Co.lchicina Lir,ca, Colchic-ina Phoenix,' Co+lchicine Houde', Col*chicum-Dispert, *Colc,hily, Colch,imedio, Colchiq+uim, C*olchis, C,olchisol,- Colchysat Burger,, Co'lcine, Colgout', Coni-cine, Goutichine-, Goutn+il, Kolki,sin, Proch*ic, R) Arjuna au,gmentin Di+zz'iness Cefota-xime [cefotax.ime] _(Claforan, Biotax,. Cefotax,, Orita.xim, Omnatax, -Lyforan_, Sefotak, Tax.ime) rim.oslim Ki+dney +Function mar'onil Ulce*rative Colitis p+haryngitis ,Pri*nivil (Lisinopr'il, 'Tensopril, Ze+stril, 'Hipril, Carace, li-sinopril 'hctz,_ lisinaopr_il) ACS Re*glan (Metoclop,ramide, Max-olon, Degan,. Max*eran, Primpera'n, Pylomid', Clopram., Di+bertil, Gastrosi.l, Impe*ran, Metlazel,_ Plasil,* Primp-eran) citalopram' Memo*ry Impro.vement Elidel Cre*am — Atopic .Der'matitis, Eczema T,richomoni'asis Clom*id (Clomif-ene, c-lomiphene,* Clomife.rt, Serophen_e, Milophen-e) Zo+virax — Herp'es Labialis, C.old Sore,s, Herpes Zoste*r,, Shingles, Genital* Herpe,s, Chicken Po,x, Kera'titis _Triamcinolone — De.rmatosis., Ecze+ma, Psor+iasis, Alle,rgy, Ulcerative_ Col_itis, Lupus, Art-hritis, Uve*itis el'crit c'rotamiton vi-ani Topamax — .Anti_convulsant, E*pilepsy,, Seizures,' Migraine d.aono RockIt24'7 Kytril — Ca,ncer, Chem*oth*erapy, Nausea, V*omitin+g prexum Kidn+e_y Transplant We-llbutrin SR* (Bupro'pion, Amfebu'tamone, Wellb,utr,in, Zyban, Budepr'ion, B'uproba.n) Methot+rexate (MT*X, amethop+terin, Rhe*umatrex, Emt-hexate, M.ethoblastin) Am_alaki Schi'zoph,renia miaci_n Kof Tea [koftea_] Maxal+t (Rizatriptan,, 'Rizaliv, Ri+zalt) Vesi+care (sol'ifenacin,, Vesitrim,- Vesikur). Allegra (Fe_xofenadin*, Telfast, Fastof*e*n) depake-ne revatio androst.enone- E Effexor —+ Depression, M*a*jor Depressi-ve Disor.der spasms VP-RX, Oil [,vprxoil] — Allergy, +Antihistam'ine,_ Allergic Rhi,nitis Female *Li-bido climanor all+ergodil _fenofibra.te Arthralgia. Metho-trexate' (MTX, ameth+opterin, Rheuma*trex, Emthe,xate, M*ethoblastin)- Topamax (-Topirama'te, pain, top*oma*x) Chyavanap_rasha Hormo_ne Re,placement Male R,X P,lus Liquid+ [malerxplusliquid]' eskazol-e Valtre,x — Genital H_erpes, Co'ld So-res, Herpes+ Labialis, ,Herpes Z'oster, C.hicken Pox *Risperdal [risperd,al] (Ri-speri*done, Rid_al, Rispolept, Beli-von, Ris,pen) mandaf+en aler.-dryl

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