Como diz a frase: Boas meninas escrevem diário, meninas malvadas não tem tempo pra isso... Meu blog é meu DIÁRIO rsrsrs... Posto aqui tudo que desperta meu interesse de forma positiva ... ou nao ...

segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium for MAC, Running An Agile Software Development Project

Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional for MAC $79.96
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro for MAC $99.95
Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 for MAC $89.95
Adobe After Effects CS4 for MAC $119.95
AnyToISO 2.5 for MAC $14.95
Art Text for MAC $19.95
Audio Hijack Pro 2.9 for MAC $19.95
Autopano Giga for MAC $69.95
Bento 2 for MAC $29.95
Bento 3 for MAC $29.95
Blue Crab 4.9 for MAC $19.95
Business Card Composer for MAC $19.95
Cha-Ching 1.2 for MAC $9.95
CoverScout 3 for MAC $19.95
Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium for MAC $229.95
Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection for MAC $299.95
Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium for MAC $219.95
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium for MAC $259.95
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection for MAC $329.95
Maxon Cinema 4D R10 STUDIO-Bundle for MAC $149.95
Maxon Cinema 4D R11 Studio Bundle for MAC $119.95
Nicon Capture NX 2 for MAC $49.95
Nik Software Complete Collection Ultimate Edition for MAC $79.95
Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 for MAC $69.95
DAZ Studio 3 Advanced for MAC $59.95
Disk Order 3 for MAC $19.95
DiskCatalogMaker 6 for MAC $19.95
Dragoman 1.6 for MAC $19.95
DVDRemaster 5 for MAC $19.95
Dynamic Photo HDR for MAC $29.95
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 for MAC $119.95
FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced for MAC $99.95
FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced for MAC $99.95
FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced for MAC $99.95
FileMaker Server 9 Advanced for MAC $149.95
Final Cut Express 4 for MAC $69.95
Final Cut Server 1.5 for MAC $259.95
Finale 2010 for MAC $99.95
Fission 1.6.1 for MAC $19.95
FlamingoHD 1.2 for MAC $19.95
FontLab Studio 5 for MAC $79.95
Forklift 1.7 for MAC $19.95
Adobe Fireworks CS4 for MAC $89.95
Adobe Flash Professional CS4 for MAC $119.95
Apple Final Cut Express HD for MAC $79.95
GraphicConverter 6 for MAC $29.95
Guitar Pro 5 with RSE for MAC $29.95
HighDesign 1.8 for MAC $69.95
HyperImage 2 for MAC $15.95
iCash 5 for MAC $29.95
iDefrag for MAC $15.95
IK Multimedia T-RackS 3 Deluxe for MAC $79.95
iStopMotion 2 for MAC $29.95
Adobe Illustrator CS4 for MAC $119.95
Adobe InCopy CS4 for MAC $79.95
Adobe InDesign CS4 for MAC $119.95
Apple iWork '08 for MAC $39.95
LogoDesign Studio Pro 1.5 for MAC $29.95
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 for MAC $79.95
MacGourmet Deluxe 1.1 for MAC $19.95
MacPilot 3 for MAC $9.95
Massive for MAC $49.95
MaxBulk Mailer 6 for MAC $49.95
MixMeister Fusion 7 for MAC $79.95
Modul8 2 for MAC $79.95
MPEG2 Works 4 Advanced for MAC $15.95
Nicecast for MAC $25.95
OmniGraffle Pro 5 for MAC $59.95
OmniPlan for MAC $49.95
onOne Plug-In Suite 5 for MAC $99.95
Microsoft Office 2004 for MAC $79.96
Pacifist 2.6 for MAC $9.95
Path Finder (Snow Leopard) 5.5 for MAC $19.95
Path Finder Leopard 5.2 for MAC $19.95
PDFKey Pro for MAC $15.95
PDFpen Pro for MAC $39.95
Picturesque 2 for MAC $15.95
PlistEdit Pro for MAC $15.95
Poser 7 for MAC $79.95
Posterino for MAC $15.95
PreSonus Studio One Pro for MAC $79.95
PTGui Pro 8 for MAC $49.95
Adobe Photoshop CS2 with ImageReady CS2 for MAC $79.96
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended for MAC $99.95
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended for MAC $119.95
Roxio Popcorn 3 for MAC $29.95
Quark Xpress 6.5 Passport Multilanguage for MAC $89.96
Quark XPress 8 for MAC $119.95
Readiris Pro 11 for MAC $49.95
Resolume Avenue 3 for MAC $69.95
Roxio Crunch for MAC $19.95
Roxio Popcorn 4 for MAC $29.95
Roxio Toast 10 Titanium for MAC $39.95
Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Pro for MAC $49.95
Scrivener 1.5 for MAC $19.95
Secret Folder 08 for MAC $15.95
Senuti for MAC $9.95
Speed Download 5 for MAC $9.95
Sticky Notes for MAC $9.95
StuffIt Deluxe 2009 for MAC $39.95
SuperDuper 2.5 for MAC $19.95
The Sims 3 for MAC $25.95
TechTool Pro 4 for MAC $39.96
TechTool Pro 5 for MAC $49.95
The Tagger for MAC $15.95
Toon Boom Studio 4 for MAC $69.95
Transmit 3 for MAC $9.95
Radioshift for MAC $19.95
Vector Magic for MAC $69.95
VolumeWorks for MAC $19.95
VueScan Pro 8 for MAC $29.95
Wave Editor for MAC $29.95
Webbla 1.2 for MAC $9.95
ZBrush 3 for MAC $79.95

21hykigfrde02 Track 'n Trade Pro 4.0 Star Early Literacy Renaissance Place renewal iLive Sound Bar for iPods Professional JavaScript Frameworks: Prototype, jQuery, YUI, ExtJS, Dojo and MooTools Created Sapphire and Diamond Pendant, Earring and Ring Box Set. 10K White Gold Children's Table & Chair Set PF1250-1650 Guide Envision 19" 720p LCD HDTV Thermal Warmwear for Her by Cuddle Duds Assorted Family Games (TAboo, Monopoly, Catch Phrase) High School Musical 3 Dolls Free 5-Piece Cocoa Mug and Frother Set w/ $60 Fragrance Purchase Sony In-Ear Headphones (Choice of Color) AR System Administrator 5.1 MacBook Computers Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager Server Millie's Math House SPECTRUM XXI Client Microsoft Exchange Server Dyson DC07 Pink Bagless Vacuum w/ Free $100 Gift Card 17-Piece Compact Blending System Famous Makers Slippers Alpine Design Queen Bed with Pump Disney Project & Draw (Princess or Cars) Reader Rabbit's Learn to Read with Phonics by The Learning Company Sonic Simple Backup Nextar 512MB Digital MP3 Player (Pink, White or Black) Schaum's Mechanical Vibrations I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry DVD VAIO Media 2.6 Studio My Little Pony Radio Controlled Scootaloo Western Digital My Book 640GB USB Hard Drive LinkStash 1.6.7 Duracell Battery Packs (Assorted Sizes) Vorwerk&Stengel ResistorCalculator Key Skills For Math K-6 Entire Stock of Isotoner Suede Gloves for Her Men's & Boy's NCAA Hooded Fleece Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D For Dummies PRM in Wimax Battery Cut-Off Switch OISS Volume 2 8e6 R3000 Internet Filtering Appliance Norton Antivirus 2007 3COM WXR100 REM OFFICE-SLS LAN SWITCH Samsung S860 8MP Digital Camera w/ 3x Zoom (Choice of Colors) ISV Operating System Concepts 8e, International Student Version 8-Port NetDirector 1U Rackmount Console KVM Switch with 17-Inch LCD Defense Acquisition Deskbook 3.7 Annual All Product Renaissance Place Hosting Fee Holiday M&M's (11-14oz Bag) GB ( 2 x 1 GB ) - FB-DIMM - DDR II server memory (Purchased as part of a new server) Sleep Pants for Juniors and Men Florentina 4-pc Printed Comforter Set LeftHand Single Node HP DL320S 6B SAT Network Play System (Patching) CASE Program CTWALL VI3 Enterprise 2P Upgrade Server Software StatTools 1.0 for Excel Untangle XD Rackmount Kit WebGrader Software Assorted Patterns & Size Gift Wrap Diamond Dial His and Her Watches Dell Inspiron 13 13.3" Core 2 Duo Laptop w/ 3GB, 320GB ProCurve Networking Wireless Access Point 420 Hallmark Snowtime Pals (w/ 3-Card Purchase) PF1250-1650 Guide VI3 Enterprise 2P Upgrade Server Software Chempak Fluid Database RSI Utilities Ning For Dummies 6-1/2' 400-Light Clear Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Speed Racer Race-a-Round Sound Helmet Open Plan Workstation (32) Podcasting For Dummies, 2nd Edition Harvard Multi Fun 3 in 1 Game Table Irwin 65-Piece Drill/Drive Set >D12 SkillSet Software Series by Heartsoft Trim A Home 7' Outdoor Animated Lighted Carousel SealedMedia Unsealer Portable Air Compessor - 12V Price Pfister Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower Head Samsung Digimax 220SE Camera Mastering System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Bundle w/ Free 12-Month Live Gold Card Player Edition Statware Basketball v6.0 Numara Track-It! Software Premium Maintenance Tom Snyder's Math Missions Waterford Early Learning Program Server 4.0 (Server Software) Acces Math software by Educaide NTI CD-Maker 6 Standard STAR Reading Renaissance Place Server Software Version Algorithms for Visual Design Using the Processing Language Basic Editions Girls' Velour Sets Shipping/Processing Fee for Eligible Specific Category Software Voucher Items Werner 4' Fiberglass Stepladder Microsoft Client Access Licenses for Server 2008 Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Entire Stock of Shoes V 'Rocker +ES' Gaming *Cha-ir .3 Piec*e Air' Nailer ./- Stap*ler Tool _Kit ,El'ectro.nics Fo_r Dum'mies-, 2n_d Edi_tion P,romethe,an Ac.ti,vwand (e+xtende_d pe*n) .OKI N+etwor-k Exten,si*on Play'skool* Wh'eel Pa+ls Tri_ple Tr,ack T'owe*r S_torybook+ Wea'ver. Desktop -V+ersion Ap'ple D,VI. to Vid'eo Ad'apte-r (f,or Power, +Mac G-5 / M+ac mini) 'iCon_ce,pts iWind,ow P'ortab'le iP_od+ Dock .Soni.c DL_A Craf_tsman+ 5 _pc. Sta*ndard 'Easy. to Re,ad So-cket. Acc+essory 'Set, *12 -pt. ,Standard,, 1+/2 in. D'r. ,Citrix- ICA W_eb+ Clien-t Save ,15% +off 'Ent+ire Stock- o*f Fine .Frag_rance.s f*or Men. OSHA, 600 Col_l-ateral 'Duty L+earn*ing Au'todes_k Maya-: T*he ,Modelin,g and A*ni-mation H-an,dbook ,Pra,ctical *Text Mi_n-ing Perl 'And _R S.tatgra,phics P-lus V*ers-ion *5, S,tandard +Editi'on,- Sing-le Us*er Omni'tech 8'..5" Dig'ital *Pictu_re Frame, Brat_z +Math in* the *Mall M,us+ical Do.ll o_r A'TM Fun B+ank Wi,rele-ss In,door +/ O.utdoor+ Spe,aker Sy'stem -Par+allel S_ol,ution of *Inte.gral E*qua,tion Ba.sed' EM- Proble+ms in t'he Fr' -Domai.n U*ntang+le XD+' Serve-r Can_on .10.0MP. Dig_ital C.amera, _Power'Sh_ot SD-790 IS- Buy 1 G-et 1. Fr_ee All* Decora,tiv,e Pi.llow*s A,ssorte+d Mas.sini* Watches- W-ii - .Play w/ _Remote* R'oxio Eas_y CD, & D_VD C*reator 7- iPo+d n,ano 8G+B -- Silver .Ba*sic Edit-ions M.en's. Cott,on Sw.eate-rs Cit_ri+x Prov.isioning' Serv,er .for Dat,acen-ters _REG.-Trie,ve Li'brary+ SHAKE20+00 Ca+nyon .River* Blue*s an'd P.erso'nal Ide.ntity .Separ_ate.s for Bo*ys_ and Gir,ls -Vision '6.1 t+eac*her, comp*uter soft'w*are 5+0% off E*ntire _St.ock of- Jewe_lry Bo_xes ' W'arrant'y on *eligibl.e hard_ware- Selec*ted_ DVDs (+Bat,man ,Begins, 'Bo+rat, S+hrek 2', ma,ny more-) Pr+otoco'l -Woodbridg,e 3-_Piece+ Lug'gag_e Set Ma,c Os X* L-eopar-d Portab_le G+enius. C'onair_ Hair .Care- Applian'ce_s Micros_oft O'ffi_ce Co'mm Serv'er* Std CAL _2_007 C.linique 'Get 'Happy .2-pc-. (Per*fume-, -Body Loti,on) -A Bra-tz_ Passion, Fa.shion* Doll_ Assor'tme-nt Philip_s Sen.seo_ Sing+le-Ser've Cof'feema,k'er Ellis ,Esse-ntial+s Serv_er. Softw+are Ve'rsion _Upg-rades -Bi,g Ban*g Game Bo-ards -Sof_twa're Sony D,igit,al. Voice E+dit+or 2 LG. 42in +L_CD Moni.tor War_ra-ntie*s on e'ligi+ble G'eneral P'urp,ose 'Voucher* items 'Far*oni.cs Anti-.Execut-ab*le St*andard_ Lice*nses. Ext_ended pri'nter +warra,n-ty VPN* Clien+t Vte_ch -Winnie. the Poo*h .Expl,ore an'd Learn. T_able K''Nex S'awBl.ade 'Thrill Ri+d*e w/ +Free .350-P_iece ,Tub Ful-l Auto .Kit 'or T+wo -Pistol Ki*t 6_mm 'Air S.oft G.uns The +Cla,ssic Tow,el 'Craftsm'an Co*rd.less Rec*harg+ea,ble Wor+k Light+ wi+th .35 LED L-ights_ LO-GO!S+oft Comfo*rt *V4.0 A+t H-ome 'with +Meijer Su+pers-of*t Micropl_u*sh Th_row Ent*ire -Stock+ of R.awling-s o,r Miz_une B'asebal-l or So-ftbal,l Glov+es+ SASI X+P-Ren*ewal ,Sup_port+ Uno F_lash Ele_ctron+ic B-oard, Ga_me Micro*soft ,Window_s 2.000 P_rofe.ssion*al R,esource K-it Wh'ite* or ,Multi.-col,or 35-C,ount. LED L'ight S*et Sy.mante+c ,Ghost Ser.ver S-oftw,are Ma-i.ntenance _Pla-n L-exar ,2GB S*ecure+ Digit*al C-ard OR,-OSHA *CD-ROM. ,Magic S*okoban, Go-ld S-ymantec. Enterp+rise *Vaul_t Mai'lbox 'Op'timizatio-n A,dvan,ced +Edition f.or _Excha*nge +7.5 -Std Mic'rosof*t Ope,rations_ Ser_ver 2.007_ licens-e w/SQ.L Li*cens'e and *Medi-a Thi.nkPa.d Confi*gurat+io.n Photon.ic +Crystal.s, +Theor*y, Ap,plica.tions- and .Fabr,icati-on Onset' C,orporat,ion 'BoxC*ar Pro 4..0* [versio*n 4.0.-7.0]_ Sim.ply Dr-eam Or,i,ginal Fle,ece ,Bla'nket Bu_y 1 Ge.t 1- Free- Jean M'arie' or C.leo. Gift Ba+gs+ Symante*c S_ystem 'Rest*ore ser+ver' editi'on +HP C.D-R 100-P+ack, Blank *Med.ia Ap_ple' Dual 'Chann-el Gi'gabit Et_he_rnet P*CI Expr_e_ss Card, (Mac+ Pro /- Xser*ve 'Early _2009*) Po.wer*T+ools For+ Wi.ndows I+ris 6*-Dr_awer _White'ng Cart+ Sams_u'ng YP-55 +Bu.rlin'gton's C,D Desi_gn Cr-eator_ 300 'Blu-R-ay M,ovi.e PNY Op-t_ima Pro .Att.ache, 8GB US'B 2.0' Flash Con*stru*ction- Safety, Ma_nagemen+t_ 33% o'ff All _Chris+tm_as Tree+ Skirt*s Fre'e *Live M*ini Tr+ee w/ A*ny ,$25 Fra+gran+ce Pur*ch.ase Tra*velaxe' Ap-ple F-ina-l Cut, Stud,io 2 Fr'ee $+5 Gif,t Ca.rd with *Purc.has'e of 2+ $9.99 D-u_racell Ba,tte+ry Pack-s _Vision 6* So'ftware *by Ge_neva 'Logic. Co'lumb,ia W-omen''s Ben'ton Spr_ings Fl_eece -Com.pas*s Ado_be Produ+ct/Ad,obe St-udi+o U-pdate* 10/200+1 Bro_adxen-t V.'92 PCI +Val-ue DI3_652'-2 Epson *Artis,a,n 800 ' Pr+inter* Gar,ageBa_nd, Jam Pack+ (Rh,ythm ,Secti+on) J_am P-ack : R+emix_ Tools_ R-etai,l Read 1-80- Server S-oftw'are .

mac4r6y8i9o Sammy's Science House School Edition – network version Made of Honor DVD Professional JavaScript Frameworks: Prototype, jQuery, YUI, ExtJS, Dojo and MooTools Mathcad 8 Professional Setup2 40% off, plus extra 25% off Entire Stock of Diamond Jewelry EMC Networker Server NW ED for Windows BOGG Creative DVD Audio Plugin for Audigy Series Track 'n Trade Pro 4.0 Waterford Early Reading Program Software–Levels 123 LeapFrog Fridge Phonics or Learn 'N Grove Nano-Cmos Design For Manufacturability: Robust Circuit And Physical Design For Technology Nodes Faronics Deep Freeze enterprise software license Men's Flannel Pajamas and Robes Spykee Micro Robot De Blob for Nintendo Wii gfm 4GB USB Flash Drive Scholastic Wiggleworks Network Edition Microsoft SMS Enterprise License with SQL 2000 Sony 75 300mm AF Zoom Lens with Purchase of Sony SLR Craftsman Cordless Rechargeable Work Light with 35 LED Lights Baja Racer Gas Mini Bike Hydraulic Plaid Jacket The Print Shop 40% off Entire Stock of Blenders from Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Breville Fashion and Holiday Dolls MOM Standard Ops Management Licenses Kitchen Kettle Muticooker Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ Telescope Soyo 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor DeepFreeze Standard Edition Hershey's Pot of Gold Chocolates Street Atlas USA 6.0 Cardiris C# Design and Development: Expert One on One GLAS Applications Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 EPANET 2.0 InterMapper Server Software Free $5 Gift Card with $50 Gift Card Purchase Selected Video Games for Nintendo DS TOPO! 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Microso'ft, SQL* Serve'r 200,5 Enterp-rise -Plane_t+ Swive.l Ch-air XMap_ 3..0 Transf,or_mers Ro-bo,ts (Var'iou+s Series)* Alfr_ed Es*sen+tial's of M'usic* Theo_ry Ar-izona P*uffe,r Jac*ket or -Ca,ble Ves+t Hoo*die' Sony_ BDP--S350 Blu,-ray, Dis*c Playe,r -Weat*herHa*ndler 36. pc_. Glove. B_ox Tool- Kit .Bass Pr.o S*hops Ra-d,io Contr+olled. Tr_uck Begi'nni-ng PH.P 6+, Apach*e, MySQ_L _6 Web -Dev*elopme'nt Eleme_n-t 2GB MP'3 Pla-ye'r Sele+cted DVD's (.Wedding- *Crash,ers, Shr-ek, m*or'e) Autod.esk* Maya Un*limi.ted' 200'0 Gold+ Sub.scripti.on/+Upgrade V,e_ritas, Holid.ay M_&M's (,11-14'oz Bag) -Brat-z Hair' C'olor 'Twins or+ W-orld Dol*l C* Wo' J,acket E+lemen't 2GB- MP3' Pla*yer w.ith Voi'ce Re+corder. M+icrosoft .Ex'change -CASE P,rog_ram CF+INEL J.our*ney. Diamo.nd S,wirl Pend_ant M'icr.owave E,ngine*ering': Lan_d & +Space+ Radio*c_ommuni_cations .Mat+hcadd- Ma'gic Ch*ef 700W _.7 c,u. ft-. M'icrowa_ve Ove.n E-ntire St+ock +of .Staff+ord ,Men's Mul_t_ipack Un+derw'ear S_oftimag'ea_ XSI 6 -Mic-roso'ft Fron+tPage, 200'0 Epso,n 20_00 L*umen *XGA Pro,jector *Micro,sof.t O-ffice' FrontP,age 20.03 D_rive +Rescue_ II C*PU iMa_c 2.1.5*" Core 2, Duo 3,.'06GHz/4_GB/5,00GB/GeF.orce+ 940+0M/SD/K'B wi_rel_ess en./Magi.c mo.use Son+y .Alpha DSL_R +A350K Di,gi-tal SLR *wit+h 18+ 70m+m f/3._5 5.6* Zoom* Lens + C-olgate T_o+tal Ad,vanced C'l,ean, A.dvan.ced F.resh -or Ad.vanced. Whiteni'ng' 4 oz.* Toot,hpast+e Inf+orme_d Fill'er F+ree Si-gnatur*e Bag* w/ A.ny ,$65 P.urchase -from -B.oss Fr*agranc*e Colle.ction' Ap+ple C*opper *Fib-re C'hannel Ca+ble (+SFP* to S*FP) *Radio ,Contr-olle*d Sp'eedboat E_verl_as_t Mixe.d Mar_tial +Arts' Trai_ning S*et Te.ach _Yours*elf VISUA*LLY +Offic'e *for Mac' MacPr_o 2.'66 _GHz 4, GB P'rofessi_onal S.ilverl_igh.t 2.0' The .3G Ip' Multim.edia. Subs*ys'tem (Im+s) -+ Merging' -The A,nd T.he C-ellu*lar +Worlds_ 3E F-ree '7" Digita.l L-CD ,Picture -Fr+ame wit.h Pu,rchase. of .Any _Advertisi+ed _Digita,l S,LRs _and Blac,kber+ry P,hones +Sterl*ing Sil+ve_r Se*ts Hypac ,Max S'TAR 'Rea'ding -Serv_er Sof-tware Ve*rs'ion Serv,ice_ Sub.scriptio,n* Black+ & De+cker_ 12" S*killet. WinIm+age. MS E*xcha+nge Serve*r+, Enterp,rise* Ed+ SEL--5801 O,ral-B- Profess-iona_l .Care, Toot'hbrush* iWor.k X F-or Dum*mie-s Dir,ect Show _Ogg V-o.rbis Fil*ter *(rem*ove o-nly) 22'30SLP 'U320 ,SCSI +RA-ID SHAK,E200'0 P-to.uch A-V +Editor P+ower+Vau'lt MD1'000 Mi_ra+ge ACS. Base _System' Main-tena*nce* Computin.g Fo+r T'he O*lder And +Wise'r - _Get Up' An+d +Runni+ng On' Your _Home ,Pc AP+ Comput-er +Scienc,e Java_ C,urriculu_m, License_ Plex_tor M-ana*ger 20*00 Air+ Hog's Havo+c Hel'l Lase*r B_attl_e Set A_ppl.e Ke'yboard IN+T e,Ton_ Emerg-ency Cra,nk, Radio w'ith +NOAA , Th'e Bes.t o+f Schn_eier Sa.ghar.bor *Handba_gs .for Her' Runn'ing -Microso.f.t Acce*ss 20-00 Se.cure*FX Selec*ted S+hoes' and- Hik_ing Boots* .on Sal.e *4 pc. *Plie'rs Se,t HP *Des_kJet F_221+0 All-in-_On,e Printe_r G'etDa.taBack f_o*r FAT P+MIS. Projecti-on *Disp_lays 2E ,De.sktop Fa,ct*ory 1,25ci' 3-D _Print_er Server' Inte,rf-ace .Pod an_d War'ranty 1-,1,/2 1-4K E'arrings '& Jack*et _FAST-T Math S+erv*er S-oftw-are So-nicStag,e MP3 .A_dd-on. progra.m Bo*se Soun.dDo*ck Por'table S'yste,m _for iPod* Ra*ndom Num.ber +Genera,tor ' Pro- San_Disk. 16GB U_SB -2.0 Flash_ -Drive 1 c+t. t*w.* 14k Anni_v.ersary R_ings S,im Ci-ty .4 Delu'xe -ArcSo'ft S+howBiz+ Trend- Micro_ An_tivi,rus Cli+ent/S*erver/M+essa*gin_g Suite+ lic+ense+s for, Enterp+rise -Quanta*r'ay QSX 6'601_TMBK Tri+ M+onopod - -MOM O.pera.tion M'anager *Se-rver 'Smart L*abel .Pr_inter Pr_o ,Save 55.% off+ Re-mote Con*t.rolled V,eh'icles A'very Re_ady *Inde_x S,tudent, Temp+lates fo+r MS, Wo.rd Links'ys* 48 Por_t PO-E S.witches C_reat'ed Sap,phire, and, Diamo_nd ,Penda,nt, E-arr,ing and R-ing +Box Se*t.. 10K Whi*te. Gold' Faro'nics, DeepF'reeze C-orpora'te S'er.ver So+ftwar,e Apple+ Xser,ve R_AID Ro+ute 6+6 Wome.n'+s Sue-de Boot*s, with, PROF'INE+T: In+dustrial+ commu'nica.tio-n based +on In*d.ustrial' Ether'ne't

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